Library fees: Kouvola

Most library services are free of charge.

The following charges apply:

•    Replacement of lost or damaged library card €2,10.
•    Interlibrary loans €3 + the fees of the sending library

Reservation fees

•    unretrieved reserved material €1 / reservation (does not apply to children's material)

Overdue fines

•    All adult section materials €0.25 / day / loan.
•    There are no overdue fees for children’s material.
•    Overdue fines begin on the first day overdue.
•    Overdue notices
-    1st notice €1.20
-    2nd notice €1.20
-    invoice €3,15

Fees for lost or damaged items

The library will charge a replacement fee for lost or damaged materials. The fee is either the cost of the item to be replaced or an average cost. The average costs:
•    Adult section materials €20
•    Children’s section materials €9
•    AV material €20
•    One audiobook CD or cassette €4,75
•    CD and other cases €2.30

Photocopies and printouts

•    A4  €0.50, A3 €1 (black and white)

IT products for sale

•    USB drive €6.40
•    Rewritable CD or DVD €1.80

Facility rental fees (incl. VAT 24%)

•    Auditorium for 60 people €24,50/hour
•    Private study rooms €12,25/week or €5/day

Exhibition spaces

•    Kouvola main library: Exhibition space €90/week. An advance payment of 50% will be charged.
•    Kouvola main library: Mediamaja exhibition space €25/week.
•    Kouvola main library lobby €12,25/week
•    Kustaa Gallery, Valkeala library €95,30/week
•    Myllykoski library €70/week
•    Kuusankoski library €44,45/week
•    Haanoja library €12,25/week
•    Koria library €12,25/week

Please note!

At the Kyyti libraries you can have a maximum of 100 loans at the same time, including 30 CDs, 10 DVD/blu-ray discs and 10 CD-ROMs. There may also be library-specific restrictions.